Expired: Sr. Laboratory Commodity Advisor

TITLE : Senior Laboratory Commodity Advisor

PROJECT : Global Health Supply Chain Procurement and Supply Management

General Summary and Background

The purpose of the Global Health Supply Chain Procurement and Supply Management project is to

ensure uninterrupted supplies of health commodities in support of USG-funded public health initiatives

around the world. The project provides direct procurement and supply chain management support to

the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), and

Population and Reproductive Health. In supporting USG-funded global health activities, Global Health

Supply Chain Procurement and Supply Management will develop and manage a wide array of services

for health commodity procurement and related systems strengthening technical assistance encompassing

different elements of a comprehensive supply chain.

At the country level, Global Health Supply Chain Procurement and Supply Management supports

country strategies and priorities that fall under the following three project objectives :

The Senior Laboratory Commodity Advisor is member of the TO1 team and responsible for providing

technical assistance in laboratory, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical health commodities

forecasting, supply planning and procurement on behalf of the project. S / He will be the primary contact

with the Global Supply Chain and the laboratory teams at home office to mitigate commodity challenges

within the country and adopt procurement best practices.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

General Laboratory supply chain management

Lead the development of technical strategies, work plans and the provision of in-country

technical assistance in quantification and supply planning, information system and in-country

logistic of HIV related laboratory supplies.

Serve as focal person for the GHSC-PSM Cameroon Field Office to the Global Health Supply

Chain, FASP and Laboratory teams on questions related to the HIV Lab commodities.

Lead on behalf of GHSC-PSM the provision of technical assistance in the area of laboratory

commodity supply chain to the MOH and in collaboration with USG teams and other relevant

partners. The technical assistance actions include :

Supporting in developing / updating Standard Operating Procedures, and assessment,

design / operation of the laboratory logistics system.

Identifying needs for laboratory logistics trainings and conduct laboratory logistics

training workshops and on-the-job trainings.

Contributing to supervisory visit, aiming to monitor implementation of supply chain

interventions, and to build local capacity in supply chain management of laboratory


Assisting the MoH in monitoring the implementation of equipment maintenance

contracts for diagnostic equipment.

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Contribute to the lab diagnostic network regionalization / optimization initiative promoted by the

MoH and in collaboration with the USG team.

Provide leadership in the development and use of systems for tracking MOH procured

shipments of laboratory supplies and their timely delivery to destination.

Participate in the national supply chain coordination framework to provide contributions on

issues relating to laboratory products. This in collaboration with the HIV FASP specialist to

ensure more effective global support to the MoH on the supply chain of HIV products.

Maintain effective collaboration with local representatives of laboratory firms for better follow

up of reference laboratories and anticipate any delays in supply.

Support the MoH in developing distribution plan for HIV Lab commodities to reference

laboratories with the aim of ensuring uninterrupted supply.

Lab Commodity Supply Planning

Provide on behalf of GHSC-PSM the technical assistance to the MoH for the quantification of

HIV lab commodities.

Monitor the national pipelines for all HIV / AIDS commodities to ensure that adequate quantities

of required commodities are readily available for distribution, using available tools (QAT,

Pipeline, Inventory Tracking Tool, etc.)

lab commodities.

Coordinate closely with the GHSC-PSM Procurement specialist and all partners to trigger

rational and timely procurement of Lab related commodities and the tracking of the level of

implementation of lab-related commodity funds.

Information Management and Sharing

COP, 4-corners, iPOART, etc.) and alert stakeholders to risks in the lab supply chain.

Maintain a repository of lab logistics data and other documentation that can be used by the

GHSC-PSM office at any time in support of the MOH.

Prepare and present technical presentations as necessary.


Conduct staff capacity building actions in the context of developing solid and long-lasting

competences of other staff within the team for the sustainability of the Lab supply chain


Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Country Director or his Deputy

Required Skills and Qualifications

Master’s in Biological / Laboratory Sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, supply chain management,

public health, or related field required. Advanced degree preferred.

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Experience working with a range of partners and clients especially the MOH, INGO, USG to

strengthen laboratory networks and access to testing.

A demonstrated track record in assessing laboratory quality of service delivery as part of

technical assistance for laboratory systems strengthening.

the improvement of laboratory programs.

Working Conditions / Duration of Assignment

This is a long-term position for the life of the contract based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This position does

not attract any relocation allowances for the successful candidate.

Posted in 18/08/2022

Expired in 26/11/2022

This vacancy has been closed

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